Badminton Counting: Double, Single & Mixed – Badminton Rules

The counting Badminton is very similar to the other backlash games like tennis. Since February 1, 2006, the rally-point method has been used internationally and since August 1, 2006 also nationally. Through the IBF (International Badminton Federation) and Nationwide DBV Counting (Running Score), any player or team can earn one point, regardless of the markup, until he has scored 21 points.

To win the game, two sets of wins up to 21 points are counted in the men’s doubles, men’s singles, women’s singles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles (mixed). The sentence is won when loud Badminton rules, a party scoring 21 points. At 21:20 the game will be extended until a player / double team reaches a lead of 2 points, or the maximum points of 30.

If each team wins a set (1: 1), it draws and a third set is played. In this decision set, a page break occurs when the first team reaches 11 counts.

The counting rules compact

  • Two sets of wins, up to 21 points, are needed to win.
  • Extra time at 21:20 until a party has a two-point advantage or reaches the 30 game points.
  • Singles or doubles will be awarded according to the Rally Point counting method, for each win won, 1 point on the meter and the right to serve.
  • After each point won, the player must change the markup. In the case of even points, one is in the right badminton field and odd in the left field. Exact rule regarding the game rules for men’s doubles, men’s singles, women’s singles, women’s doubles & mixed you can find here.
  • Before the start of the game, the side & serve will be drawn. More about the page you will find here.
  • The first serve in the new set is always made by the player / team who won the previous set.

The advantages

The advantages of the new counting method are that the game time has shortened by rules by an average of 11 minutes and conditionally weak players can no longer drag the game.

The old counting way before 2006

With the old counting method before 2006, only the serving person was able to score one point over two winning sets. In men’s singles, men’s doubles, mixed and women’s doubles up to 15 points was played. In women’s singles only up to 11 points.

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