Badminton net Production: Material, mesh size & DIN EN 1509 – Badminton rules

The badminton net is made of polypropylene (chemical fibers) and processed with 1.2mm thick polypropylene fibers to a mesh. The advantages of polypropylene lie in the good pull, scuff resistance and that it is the lightest textile fiber ever.

As an alternative, there are also nylon nets made of polyamide / polyester (nylon is a collective term for polyamides).

  • Mesh size: The mesh made of very strong yarn must have a Mesh size of 15-18mm so that the badminton ball does not get caught in the net.
  • Mount at the top of the net: At the upper edge of the Badminton net is a polyester edging in which the Kevlar, nylon or steel rope is located. This enclosure is very tear-resistant, since in the covering of the network high clamping forces act and the badminton player is protected against any risk of tearing. Individual adjustments of the rope and net length are possible and must be discussed with the Badmintonshop supplier.
  • DIN standard: The Badminton net is subject to a DIN standard. The DIN EN 1509 ensures that the strength of the net meshes (mesh breaking strength) is correct.
  • Manufacturing: Badminton is as popular in Asia as football is for us. Well-known brands such as Yonex & Victor also come from China and not only because of this, the net sets are mostly made there.
Badminton Regeln - Die Spielregeln für Badminton