Badminton Playing Field: The Measurements for Double & Single – Badminton Rules

Depending on the type of game (double / single), the badminton playing field is different in size and marked with 40cm wide field lines. When doubles or mixed is, loud regulations, the complete field, used from baseline to double outline. Make sure that it does not fall behind the rear impact line and before the front impact line. The single uses 5.16m instead of 6.1m in width, to the inner sideline.

Measurements in Double & Mixed

The badminton field dimensions for the double & mixed game is 13.4m in length and 6.1m in width.

Dimensions of the single

The dimensions for the single field is 13.4m in length and 5.16m in width. In singles, the field is limited by the inner sideline and the centerline, but the shuttlecock may be beaten to the baseline on impact and in the further course.

Badminton rules for the field

  • The net has a height of 76cm and divides the pitch into two equal halves.
  • After the middle line, the field is divided into both serve fields
  • The net height is according to official DBV rules 1.55m at the outer support & net posts and must sag in the middle of 2.6 cm at the top. The posts must not protrude into the field and are positioned at the boundary lines of the double field.
  • The field marking (field lines) must be 40mm wide and limit the playing field for the player contrasting. Most colors are used as yellow, green or blue as they give good contrast to a bright hall floor. Broader lines are only allowed if they mark a part of the field through other sports.
  • The distance to the adjacent badminton field must be at least 130cm
  • The height of the hall must be at least 5 meters, according to DBV, and can be used without any restrictions from 9m

The badminton playing field measures for double, single & mixed

Badminton Regeln - Die Spielregeln für Badminton