Badminton side selection & paging – badminton rules

Before the start of the badminton game, the referee performs a serve and side vote. For this, the shuttlecock is placed by the referee on the edge of the net, which then falls on the hall floor.

It has won the side on which the shuttlecock shows. You may choose who first selects serve or a particular page. Alternatively, the badminton ball or a coin can be thrown into the air.

The double side selection is done the same way, but the double player can individually set the position on the badminton court. If player A wants to play the first serve, he places himself on the right serve area and player B on the left.

The page selection & paging during the game

1st warm-up phase

At the beginning of each game, both teams warm up. Which team is in the warm-up phase where is, is arbitrarily selected. The right starting field, which team stands where, decides the side selection of the referee. After about 5-10 minutes the warm-up is finished and the game starts.

2. Side selection by the referee

In the page selection „can“ be changed for the first time the field side. The winning team decides whether to pick the first serve or setback and thus start from another side of the field. The player who is first on the right-hand field or on the left-back field is left to the double partners.

3. When will the page be changed?

In badminton doubles and singles, the field side is changed after each set won. So you play a maximum of 3 sets to 21 points. In the 3rd set, the field side, at 11 points, again changed.

The rules at a glance

  • Of the 1st side change can take place after the first draw. Here, the winner of the draw decides if he wants to start with markup or on a specific page.
  • After completion of the first sentence of the 2nd paging completed.
  • If every badminton player has won a set decides 3rd sentence about the victory, Again, the page is exchanged before the start.
  • In the third sentence will be for the 4th time the sides exchangedwhen the first player reaches 11 points.
  • If the change of page is forgotten, which often happens in the third sentence, the change has to be done immediately after the recognition. The score will not be reset.
Badminton Regeln - Die Spielregeln für Badminton