The construction of Badminton net – badminton rules

badminton net. Where is the net for the build up, answered your Badmintontrainer. Often it is stored in a storage cabinet, so that the net is not stolen. As an alternative, there is the storage cart, on which the net set is wound up. This is located in the equipment room, where also the support posts & net posts are.

Support posts. The net support stand is a steel construction with a cross or a base plate equipped with a plastic guide for the net. These posts must be placed on either side of the field, similar to the tennis in the middle.

Net posts. The net post is a large & long steel construction that can still be found in older sports halls and is responsible for the tension of the network. At the present time, however, belt tensioning devices are used, which are equipped with a Kevlar rope & clamping lock. They weigh around 11 kilograms, because you have to withstand a high tensile load through belt and tensioning devices.

Badminton Regeln - Die Spielregeln für Badminton