The serve rules in double & single badminton rules

The serve in singles, doubles or mixed serves to open or continue a point win. The server and kickback must be in the diagonally opposite field and must not touch the field boundary lines. The server may only begin when both teams signal that you are ready. A short brief preparation phase is given to the server since it is important to position the shuttlecock well on the string head’s string.

Pose of badminton racket

The badminton racket must have a downward slope clearly at the serve. Now the impact movement is performed and the club head (the front round circle with the stringing) must hit the cork of the shuttlecock, below the waist and hit hand. The cork head (base) covered with a thin layer of leather must first be hit with the badminton racket and must not be pulled. If this happens, it is a mistake and the opposing team gets 1 point.

The serve movement

During the impact movement, the badminton shoes, the racquet and the backpack must touch the ground. Each movement of the badminton racket is counted as forward movement and must not be stopped or delayed. So you have to play the shuttlecock, in a continuous flapping motion in the diagonally opposite playing field (within the boundary lines), otherwise it is a mistake.

Error on serve

A mistake and thus a point for the opposing team is if …

  • in the impact movement the ball is not hit.
  • the shuttlecock ends up in the net or in your own field.
  • the ball is played in the opponent’s field to the „off“ and in front of the front impact line.
  • slows down the forward movement of the impact and is canceled.
  • feet do not touch the ground or stand on boundary lines.
  • the badminton ball is not played in the diagonally opposite badminton field.
  • the ball / feathers is pulled with the club head and does not hit the base or both.
  • intentionally the double partner obscured the view of the server.
Badminton Regeln - Die Spielregeln für Badminton